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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Vs Frosty the Snowman

Rudolph Vs Frosty photo Rudolph Vs Frosty_zpsp20epkgt.jpg


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Frosty the Snowman

Buddy the Elf Vs The Grinch (Carrey)

Buddy Vs The Grinch photo Buddy Vs The Grinch_zpswwesjndt.jpg


Buddy the Elf

The Grinch (Carrey)

Ralphie Parker Vs Kevin McCallister

Ralphie Vs Kevin photo Ralphie Vs Kevin_zpsjjbdwxis.jpg


Ralphie Parker

Kevin McCallister

Frank Cross Vs Scott Calvin

Frank Cross Vs Scott Calvin photo Frank Cross Vs Scott Calvin_zpsmgbga8zs.jpg


Frank Cross

Scott Calvin

Gus Vs Clark Griswold

Gus VS Clark Griswold photo Gus Vs Clark Griswold_zpsamrfvsqf.jpg



Clark Griswold

Kris Kringle Vs Jack Skellington

Kris Kringle Vs Jack Skellington photo Kris Kringle Vs Jack Skellington_zpsnkxnjkss.jpg


Kris Kringle

Jack Skellington

Willie Stokes Vs Howard Langston

 photo Willie Stokes Vs Howard Langston_zpsxevzpeyg.jpg


Willie Stokes

Howard Langston

Ernest Vs Fred Claus

Ernest Vs Fred Claus photo Ernest Vs Fred Claus_zpswpzhgj41.jpg



Fred Claus

Charly Baltimore Vs Rudy Duncan

Charly Baltimore Vs Rudy Duncan photo Charly Baltimore Vs Rudy Duncan_zpsfhm6pcqk.jpg


Charly Baltimore

Rudy Duncan

The Gremlins Vs Krampus

The Gremlins Vs Krampus photo The Gremlins Vs Krampus_zpsfjlkzopa.jpg


The Gremlins


Rudy Duncan Vs John McClane

 photo RudyDuncanVsJohnMcClane_zps8c1e3f05.jpg


Reindeer Games (film)

John McClane

Buddy the Elf Vs Frank Cross

 photo BuddytheElfVsFrankCross_zpsc7f75bd8.jpg


Elf (film)

Scrooged (film)


Willie Vs Gus

 photo WillieVsGus_zps9115d7a7.jpg


Bad Santa (film)

The Ref (film)

Kevin McCallister Vs The Gremlins

 photo KevinMcCalisterVsGremlins_zps4a38ec6e.jpg


Home Alone (film)

Gremlins (film)

Jack Skellington Vs The Grinch

 photo JackSkellingtonVsTheGrinch_zpse48b8dbf.jpg


Jack Skellington

The Grinch

John McClane Vs Martin Riggs

 photo JohnMcClaneVsMartinRiggsAlt_zpse96e8999.jpg

The Combatants:

Martin Riggs is ex-Special Forces, during his stint he received specialized training in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat turning him into a full-blown “lethal weapon”; he also served as a CIA sanctioned assassin under the “Phoenix Project” directive.  As a LAPD detective, Riggs shows incredible marksmanship with his signature Beretta 92FS. Since the death of his wife, he suffers from suicidal tendencies, often putting himself, and anyone else near him, in harm’s way to get the job done.

John McClane is a wise-cracking, foul-mouthed, tough as nails New York detective. McClane’s never-say-die spirit and no nonsense attitude often put him at odds with his superiors and other authority figures.  A maverick and a bit of a cowboy McClane often finds himself in dangerous situations and against the odds. Cocky and streetwise John is always the reluctant hero with an itchy trigger finger.


John McClane

Martin Riggs