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Jason Bourne Vs Beatrix Kiddo

Jason Bourne Vs Beatrix Kiddo photo Jason Bourne Vs Beatrix Kiddo Alt_zps5vuzia46.jpg


Jason Bourne

Beatrix Kiddo

Samuel Gerard Vs Mr. Blonde

Submitted by Kevin Lopez

Samuel Gerard Vs Mr. Blonde photo Samuel Gerard Vs Mr. Blonde_zpsjalk6nn0.jpg


Samuel Gerard

Mr. Blonde (Vic Vega)

John Ruth Vs Hugh Glass

John Ruth Vs Hugh Glass photo John Ruth Vs Hugh Glass_zpspehessyg.jpg


The Hateful Eight (film)

The Revenant (film)

Mr. Miyagi Vs Pai Mei

 photo MrMiyagiVsPaiMei_zps639ec76f.jpg


Mr. Miyagi

Pai Mei

The Gecko Brothers Vs The Dixon Brothers

 photo TheGeckoBrosVsTheDixonBros_zpsd442bc5a.jpg


From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

The Walking Dead

Chainsaw Scene Vs Ear Scene

Infamous Movie Scenes

Chainsaw Scene vs Ear Scene photo ChainsawVsEarAlt_zps33bd4564.jpg


Chainsaw Scene (Scarface)

Ear Scene (Reservoir Dogs)

Jules Winnfield Vs Agent Sands

 photo JulesvsSands_zpsd04d3595.jpg


Jules Winnfield


Mr. Blonde Vs Alonzo Harris

 photo MrBlondeVsAlonzoHarris_zps472a033c.jpg

Mr. Blonde (Vic Vega)

Training Day (film)

Rooster Cogburn (Bridges) Vs Django

 photo RoosterVsDjango_zpsd72a8712.jpg


Rooster Cogburn


The Lady Vs The Bride

 photo TheLadyVsTheBrideAlt_zpsda82c648.jpg


The Quick and the Dead (film)

Beatrix Kiddo (a.k.a. The Bride)

Dr. King Schultz & Django Vs Wyatt Earp & Doc Holliday

 photo DrKingShultzDjangoVsWyattEarpDocHolliday3.jpg

Django Unchained (film)

Tombstone (film)

The Gecko Bros. Vs The Werewolf Family

Gecko Bros. Vs Werewolf Family photo Gecko Bros. Vs Werewolf Family Redux_zps5yhsy6oy.jpg


From Dusk Till Dawn (film)

Dog Soldiers (film)

Vincent & Jules Vs Boondock Saints

 photo VincentJulesvsBoondockSaints2.jpg


Pulp Fiction (film)

The Boondock Saints (film)

Hit-Girl (Moretz) Vs Gogo Yubari

 photo Hit-GirlvsGogoYubari.jpg

The Combatants:

Hit-Girl is an eleven year old vigilante who will sooner rip out your windpipe than give you time to beg. Trained by her father, Big Daddy, she is proficient in all weaponry,  but her main trade is blades. She displays above average strength, agility, and stamina. Hit-Girl also demonstrates impressive hand-to-hand combat skill, holding her own in a fight with muliple attackers. Her deadly arsenal includes katanas, butterfly knives, handguns, and grenades.

A pit bull in a school uniform, Gogo Yubari is a severely disturbed 17-year-old schoolgirl who delights in killing for fun. She is one of O-Ren’s top assassins, and her personal bodyguard. Gogo has a disturbed mind and a vicious penchant for killing. She is brutally savage and exacts her violence with her weapon of choice, a meteor hammer.

The Set Up:

For this clash, O-Ren has begun to establish her criminal organization in New York much to Hit-Girl’s disdain. After systematically taking down several of her places of business, Hit-Girl has worked her  way up the Yakuza hierarchy. Leading an assault on O-Ren’s headquarters,  Hit-Girl finds herself face-to-face with O-Ren’s personal bodyguard, Gogo Yubari. So, which plaid skirted killer lives to see graduation?



Gogo Yubari

Beatrix Kiddo Vs Elektra

 photo BeatrixKiddovsElektra.jpg


Beatrix Kiddo


Longbaugh & Parker Vs Vincent & Jules

Longbaugh & Parker Vs Vincent & Jules photo Longbaugh amp Parker Vs Vincent amp Jules Redux_zpsexihjjc7.jpg


The Way of the Gun (film)

Pulp Fiction (film)

Martin Riggs Vs Mr. Blonde

 photo MartinRiggsvsMrBlonde2.jpg

The Combatants:

Martin Riggs is ex-Special Forces, during his stint he received specialized training in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat; he also served as a CIA sanctioned assassin under the “Phoenix Project” directive.  As a LAPD detective, Riggs shows incredible marksman with his signature Beretta 92FS. Since the death of his wife, he suffers from suicidal tendencies, often putting himself, and anyone else near him, in harm’s way to get the job done.

Mr. Blonde, aka Vic Vega, is an infamous psychopath and professional criminal. He is a skilled gunman and a brutal negotiator, not above taking hostages and torturing them to get what he wants. Although loyal and even-tempered, Mr. Blonde has no sympathy and is a merciless cop killer — more than willing to use the straight razor hidden in his boot to make his point .


Martin Riggs

Mr. Blonde (Vic Vega)