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Mickey & Mallory Knox Vs The Firefly Clan

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The Combatants:

Mickey and Mallory Knox are soul mates and mass murdering media darlings responsible for a nation wide killing spree. Mickey and Mallory are psychotic mass murderers spawned from traumatic childhoods. Mickey is an efficient killer, with an intense knowledge of firearms and knife throwing and no sense of remorse. Mallory is the more aggressive of the two showing signs of being uncontrollable and having zero empathy for her victims.

Raised in the backwoods of Texas, the psychotic Firefly Clan are a motley family of murderers and sadists. Led by Captain Spaulding, a vulgar clown and remorseless patriarch of the family.  Otis is a calculating  psychopath capable of sadistically feral acts of physical and psychological torture making him the most depraved and violent of the family.   Seductive and deadly, Baby has a sadistic violent streak that makes her kill and torture without mercy.  On the run from a vengeful Sheriff, The Fireflys embark on a hellish family road trip of mutilation.


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