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Samus Aran Vs Master Chief

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Samus Aran

Master Chief

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  1. After hearing Remington`s badass facts about Samus.
    There is no way Master Chief is beating Samus.
    Samus stomps, very easily.

    November 10, 2015 at 7:25 am

  2. Remington

    I’ve noticed that most people who vote for Master Chief have not played many Metroid games.

    Samus is superior in almost all aspects.

    She has more weapons and techniques, all of which would do serious damage to Chief. Besides her missiles, bombs, and the Lumnioth weapons (Light, Dark, and Annihilator beams), she has unlimited ammo. Even if the bubble shields from Halo blocked some of her shots, it will break long before she stops firing. Chief could never hope to not get hit, her suit has a built in lock on function, allowing for constant target tracking and several of her weapons have seeking functions. A single Super Missile alone would be enough to oneshot drop Chief, and she can fire 50 of them before needing to reload. Her Plasma beam, uncharged, is probably equal to the Type-51 carbine. Charged, it is capable of completely disintegrating the target in a single shot. Her Hyper Beam is as destructive as the Spartan Laser, but she never runs out of ammo and can just keep firing it. (I am using the verion from Super Metroid, the one from Metroid Prime 3 is more of a refined version of the Phazon Beam)

    The only weapons Chief has that could so much as put a dent in Samus’s shield are the missile launcher and the Spartan Laser. But neither of those have lock on, and without that its near impossible to actually hit Samus, even so its doubtful that a Spartan Laser has enough ammo to down Samus, even if all shots hit. Samus’s armor has shielded her from being hit by multiple hyper beams, that has the destructive ability equal to or greater than the the Spartan Laser. Possibly Chief’s energy sword could cut through her shield, but good luck getting that close to her.

    Her armor is better. While Chiefs is the top of the line of all the Spartan issued armors, it is still new tech for humans. Samus’s armor was created by the Chozo who had power armor technology for centuries. Samus’s suit allows for greater agility, greater strength, better protection, and more onboard targeting and vision systems that Chief’s. While Samus’s armor is also more modular, this isnt too relevant to a fight between the two, unless she incorporated the Spartan Laser into her arm cannon (which is highly possible). She has a multitude of visors allowing her to see enemies behind cover or even targets invisible to most if not all light spectrums.
    Samus’s armor also allows her to move with a max of atleast at 768 miles per hour. Armored Spartans max at around 60 mph.
    Samus’s suit also has the well known Morph Ball, this form gives her additional abilities like Power Bombs (which are capable of destroying two of the strongest metal elements in her universe). Spartan armor has been shown to take lethal damage from weapons with far less damage potential. It can be inferred that a Power Bomb would easily tear through Chief’s armor.

    Training wise, they are about on the same level. Both were members of the most elite fighting force of their respective organizations. Both had been augmented and trained at a very young age. Both became the best of their organization.

    Physical capability wise. Samus and Chief are about as agile. But Samus is far stronger and faster. She grew up on Zebes. Unarmored, she is around 950% stronger than than a normal human (the gravity of the planet would have been beyond lethal to her if not for her augmentations). Master Chief’s Spartan II augmentations only make him 300% stronger than a normal human. Supplemental material not able to be reflected in the games show that both, while armored, are extremely fast, able to dodge bullets. But while Chief can dodge bullets at range, Samus can step in and catch a bullet from several feet away, while the bullet was shot at a hostage about a foot away from the weapon, while shooting at the target at the same time. While all Spartans are more capable than a normal human, Master Chief has been noted as not being the fastest, strongest, or smartest. Samus has only ever encountered a equal, and that was while she was in a weakened state and up against a parasite clone of herself that had stolen all her gear.

    Intelligence wise, Master Chief has been shown to be very intelligent by human standards, but he has nothing augmenting his intelligence beyond human standards. Samus’s augmentations gave her a genius level IQ by human standards. She has shown great ability in solving physical and logic puzzles. She has a high aptitude for circuity, she has had completed several circuitry based puzzles, easily rewiring machines. She has shown high engineering ability, many of her various starships have been of her own design, she has used her arm cannon for precision welding, even quickly assembling an ancient Chozo thermonuclear bomb, all the while fighting off Legions of Space Pirates. She even managed to escape the blast by quickly repairing a damaged escape pod she found.

    Feat wise, Samus has accomplished more than Chief. Chief has destroyed Starships and even a Halo installation, he has usually started out with back up before getting cut off from them. Often times entire battles are raging near him. Samus, on the other hand, has rarely, almost never, had a single person backing her up. She has downed Starships and destroyed entire planets, completely alone. In Metroid Prime Two, she single handedly WON a war that the local population had all but lost. To compare, a squad of Space Marines (who can be estimated to be equal in skill to Halo ODSTs, but with SPI armor and armed with weapons comparable to a Covenant Plasma rifle) were swarmed and killed within minutes (they had encountered a few hostiles before and managed to kill them, but in doing so used up almost all of their ammo before the real attack began). Samus managed to kill legions of those enemies, ones even tougher than them, and even their leader/greatest warrior, in 1v1 combat. All the while also fighting another clone of her that had vastly enhanced versions of all her weapons.

    So sorry Halo fanboys, Master Chief might be “teh Marine” or whatever, Samus has him beat all day, everyday.

    September 17, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    • Btrupert

      I have to agree with you on this one because the facts are leaning towards samus
      I voted for her even before reading this post

      June 25, 2015 at 3:59 pm

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