The Last Word In Who Could Beat Who


Gabe Walker Vs John Ottway

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Cliffhanger (film)

The Grey (film)

Tyler Durden Vs Travis Bickle

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Fight Club (film)

Travis Bickle

Patrick Bateman Vs Dexter Morgan

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The Combatants:

Patrick Bateman is the Wall Street yuppie turned mentally unstable serial killer. Patrick is killer at large during the 1980’s junk bond boom who takes pathological pride in everything from his business card to his Huey Lewis CD collection, all the while plotting his next victim’s vivisection.  Patrick is in superior physical shape due to his rigorous morning routine. He implores his good looks and charisma to prey on his victims though when it comes to getting his hands dirty he’s far from afraid.  Bateman eschews from firearms enjoying the bloody pleasure of knifes, nail guns, axes, tons of plastic sheeting and the occasional chainsaw

Dexter Morgan is a sociopathic serial killer who targets other serial killers in order to control his “Dark Passenger”. Trained by his foster father, Harry Morgan, a detective, Dexter learned how to kill without suspicion, along with how to control his darker side. He implements blades, drills, and circular saws to complete his work. Wanting his targets to suffer like their own victims Dexter creates killrooms, plastic lined death traps, specialized to torture killers in a way unique to their sins. Dexter is driven by his “Dark Passenger” to kill, feeling that only blood can subdue the chaos within him.


American Psycho (film)

Dexter Morgan

Batman (Bale) Vs Tyler Durden

Batman (Bale) Vs Tyler Durden photo Batman Bale Vs Tyler Durden Redux_zpseviszfof.jpg

The Combatants:

Batman is the alias and second identity of billionaire Bruce Wayne; he is the protector of Gotham City, fighting to uphold justice and order. During his self-imposed exile from Gotham, Bruce was approached by Ra’s al Ghul, from whom he received the League of Shadows training which gave him the tools to become the Batman. Despite a great hatred for criminals, he maintains a strong moral code to never kill, believing all men deserve a trial and to do so would make him no better than his enemies. He donned the cowl to become a symbol, to rise above his human shortcomings, and oppose the chaos and anarchy of Gotham’s criminally insane.

Tyler Durden is a split personality created by The Narrator’s insomnia induced insanity. He and the Narrator started Fight Club together, but under Tyler’s leadership, they evolve into the anti-materialist and anti-corporate organization called “Project Mayhem.” Tyler uses “Project Mayhem,” and its indoctrinated soldiers, to black mail companies and make various attacks on consumerism and normal social order. He frequently describes (and acts on) his opposition to popular culture, materialism, capitalism, most technology and social order. He describes his ideal world as an arcadian paradise, in post-apocalyptic urban ruins.

The Set Up:

For this match-up, the Batman must uncover Tyler Durden’s plans to erase debt by destroying buildings that contain credit card companies’ records, and stop him. But this won’t be as easy as it seems, because Tyler holds sway over connections in high places, such as policemen, and is supported by fanatical “soldiers” that carryout his every whim as leader of “Project Mayhem.” Tyler manifests a nihilistic attitude of rejecting and destroying institutions and value systems, and this is something that the Dark Knight will not tolerate. He counters Tyler’s influence with high tech equipment, detective skills, physical prowess, wealth, and intimidation. So, who takes this clash of alter egos?


The Dark Knight (film)

Fight Club (film)